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  • As a practicing designer for a long time, I will try to tell in a simple and understandable language about computer design: creating landscape plans, modeling three-dimensional scenes and individual objects, about effective visualization and much more.

  • Repeating short Lessons, you will immediately be able to perform most tasks in the field of 2D and 3D graphics, and in the most easy-to-learn programs.

  • And to speed up the start of independent design, I will add the necessary: Models And Presets, to the relevant pages.

  • IN Bank of ideas photos necessary for landscape design are collected by sections, and in Blog different news and interesting finds from all over the world.

Learning process:

  • We start work with a set task and a minimum of actions necessary to complete it. After the first lessons, you will be able to do everything that was said in them.

  • Lessons will be in separate access, not courses, so that you can see the right one for a specific task. But in order to master all the techniques and skills of work, you can go through them in turn, starting from the first.

  • Design tasks are performed in those programs in which I myself have been working for a long time and personally convinced of their ease and effectiveness for our tasks. Reviews and features of other programs will be considered separately in the blog.

  • I don’t use homework, auto-checks, access order and other means of involvement, because if you have already started learning, then it’s up to you to decide whether to review the lesson again, repeat it in the program, or move on to the next one.

  • Once you have access to a lesson or course, you can view it multiple times at your convenience, on any device with internet access. For feedback, under the lessons there are comment fields, as well as links to various social networks.

Visualization in Lumion

Who should study?


Young professionals in the field of design who want to master computer graphics, 3D modeling and visualization as the main tools of their future profession.


Masters working in areas related to landscape design: landscaping, lighting, paving, watering, making furniture, gazebos, pools and much more.


Landscape industry professionals who want to expand their knowledge with new opportunities and tools in the field of computer-aided design.


Architects, interior designers and other related areas who want to master landscape design and expand the range of services provided.


Game developers, interface and level designers, modifiers and modelers, as well as creators of any other digital content.

On this page you can see the work performed in the programs we study:

Additional materials:

So that after watching the lessons and installing the programs you can immediately start designing on your own, on the following pages I have added everything you need. Of course, you yourself can create blanks for plans and any models for three-dimensional scenes, the school has many lessons on this topic, but those who want to speed up the process can use these collections.


Vector presets for creating plans in CorelDRAW programs - symbols of plants and other elements of the plan. The blanks in the collection are grouped in one .CDR file in the format of the program version 12 (will open in all subsequent ones).


2D and 3D plants, furniture, gazebos, lamps and other elements to create a 3D scene in SketchUp. The models in the collection are grouped in one .SKP file in the format of the program version 8 (will open in all subsequent ones).


Raster clipart for CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and other graphic editors - plants, stones and everything else for creating photomontages. The blanks in the collection are in .PNG format on a transparent background with high resolution.


3D models of buildings, structures and other items that you may need to create scenes in SketchUp. Models in SketchUp 8 format (will open in all subsequent ones). They can be fully edited, as well as exported to other programs, such as Lumion. Compared to models for other programs, they contain much fewer polygons.

decorative element page circle 21

Materials designed specifically for SketchUp that look equally good both when rendered in the program itself and in external renderers. Original images with a resolution of about 1000 points on the large side, saved in an early version of SketchUp 8 (will open in all subsequent ones).

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