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Full cycle projects: development of plans, creation of 3D scenes and their visualization

Starting to build a scene and scale it in SketchUp (7:24)

Небольшой урок об интерфейсе программы, импорте растрового плана и его масштабировании в самом начале работы по созданию 3D-сцены, как наиболее часто повторяющейся операции.

Quick Spa Modeling Tutorial in SketchUp (14:20)

Создание небольшой сцены с  конструкцией, прилегающей территорией и озеленением по одной картинке за 14 минут.


Modeling a campfire site in SketchUp (21:29)

Демонстрационный урок на тему быстрого моделирования объекта по паре случайно попавшихся картинок и плану. 20 минут и у вас готовая модель, в которой вы можете менять элементы, материалы и встраивать в любую свою сцену.


A lesson from a series of quick modeling based on your favorite pictures. Parts 1-2 (31:52)

Unlike the previous one, we will then landscape this project and do visualization in the Lumion program.

Референс 1
Референс 2

Additions to the previous two lessons on eco-pond modeling. Parts 3-4  (21:20)

I added two small additions to the previous lessons to better match the original scene.

Construction of a 3D scene according to a large-scale plan. Parts 1-2-3 (47:44)

The first lesson on 3D graphics, in which you will learn how to create a scene from scratch. In the future, using this scene as an example, we will also consider landscaping and visualization.

Landscaping a 3D scene in SketchUp. Parts 1-2-3 (36:22)

We figure out which plant models are best to use for landscaping the scene and try different options.

3D modeling of the site according to ready-made plans. Parts 1-2 (55:48)

Construction of a complete three-dimensional scene in SketchUp, including paving, relief with elevation changes, fencing and all elements present on the site.

Project No. 3. Modeling a scene in SketchUp. Part 1 (23:40)

We continue the design and move on to creating a 3D scene for this project according to the existing plans, which we will do in subsequent lessons.

Project No. 3. Modeling a scene in SketchUp. Part 2 (22:43)

We continue to make a 3D scene: deck boards with recessed lights and a bar counter.

Project No. 3. Modeling a scene in SketchUp. Part 3 (23:20)

The last lesson from a series of modeling this scene, in this form we send it for rendering. In the next lessons, we will consider plans and albums for this project.

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