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3D modeling of houses and other buildings

Modeling a private house using PDF projections. Parts 1-2-3-4 (1:14:15)

The first lesson in a series of modeling houses and other buildings using pictures and photographs. It often happens that without them it is impossible to show a 3D scene in all its glory, but the customer has neither models nor drawings. Therefore, we have to make our own houses, bathhouses or garages, which are no different in appearance from the existing ones.

Modeling a house with a swimming pool in SketchUp. Parts 1-2-3 (1:05:43)

In this lesson we will model the house and pool only from photographs and general dimensions, since there was no other data, including windows, doors and veranda.

Modeling of buildings for personal plot No. 2 (13 acres). Parts 1-2-3-4 (1:29:03)

We continue to model different houses, this time three at once Project No. 2 from the complete cycles section: The three-story house itself is made of profiled timber, as well as a garage and a bathhouse, including windows, doors and verandas.

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