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Categories of lessons on CorelDRAW in the recommended order for learning

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I. Program setup and introductory lessons

Before starting design. Task analysis and choice of work execution method  (12:44)

In this introductory lesson, I would like to focus on different design methods, job analysis and source materials provided, as well as the choice of work execution option: plans and drawings, 3D scene, photomontage, or a combination of both. 

Before starting design. Preparation of materials for work in programs   (4:08)

A small lesson in addition to the first, about the various files and images with which we usually begin design work in programs.

Installing and configuring CorelDraw and Corel Photo Paint   (15:04)

Subsequently, in these programs, we will carry out our projects, for example, make plans, photomontages, albums or blanks.

PS The video was recorded two years ago, but I hope you find something useful for yourself.

Brief overview of CorelDRAW features (11:00)

Colleagues and novice designers often ask why I chose this program to work with? In short, I tried to explain that at the moment there is no more universal package than CorelDRAW, which would combine all the tools for working with vector and raster graphics, for any design tasks. Started a little with my history

CorelDRAW interface. What do we need from the tools of the program? (25:35)

I recorded this lesson so that you are less confused in the tools and extra menu items of CorelDRAW, and start working in the program confidently and professionally.

Import plans and get started in CorelDraw (14:45)

How to start making your first landscape plans from existing sources. Procedure.

How to draw tracks in CorelDraw (11:02)

I answered a frequently asked question from students and subscribers, if there are others on the topic of working in the program, write in the social media messengers indicated on the site, I will try to answer.

Creation of blanks for work in the program CorelDraw. Vector symbols of plants. Parts 1-2-3 (34:02)

Import of vector and raster images from other programs, their processing and adaptation.

Creation of blanks for work in the program CorelDRAW. Raster symbols of plants and other plan elements. Parts 4-5 (26:22)

Part 4. How to make other vector blanks for plans (not plants). (16:24)

Part 5. How to make raster preparations of plants and other objects for plans. (09:58)

Creating albums of plants for a landscape project (23:32)

Part 1. Along with the dendroplan and assortment list, the plant album can become an important part of the project. How to make albums in CorelDraw, we will consider in this lesson.

Part 2. How to make albums for a landscape project in other programs.

Image processing for blanks in Corel Photo-Paint. Select, edit and crop (27:00)

In this tutorial, we will go through all the steps of creating a collection of images on a transparent background, which we will need for blanks, photomontage and 2D models in SketchUp.

III. Creation of presentation and technical plans

Creating a landscape plan in CorelDraw. Parts 1-2 (25:32)

 Part 1. A brief analysis and the beginning of the construction of the first plans for the design project.

Part 2. Drawing on the plan of different types of paving, landscaping and lighting.


Creating a landscape plan in CorelDRAW using PDF. Parts 1-2 (28:44)

Part 1. Export of the necessary pages from the PDF album, scaling and further work with the plan. Building, pouring and landscaping.

Part 2. Completion of work on the plan, arrangement of lamps, plants and other design elements.

Building the original scale plan in CorelDRAW. Part 1 (26:58)

* With this lesson, we are starting a new large project that we will do from start to finish, that is, from creating plans, albums and a 3D scene, including houses, to visualization in the Lumion program.

Creating lighting and landscaping plans (dendroplan) in CorelDRAW. Part 2 (27:54)

How to make everything technical from the original large-scale plan.

Presentation and layout plans in CorelDRAW. Part 3 (25:42)

Continuation of the previous lesson

Проект №3. Проектирование сада на крыше площадью 100 м². Создание планов в CorelDraw. Часть 1  (21:47)

Приближаемся к началу проекта в обратном порядке и делаем планы по нашей 3Д сцене, построенной в предыдущих уроках в программе SketchUp. 

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