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Lumion and other visualization software

Installation and overview of the LUMION program interface (19:53)

The first acquaintance with the program: where is what and for what? Much, of course, remained uncovered in one short lesson, but if there are questions and suggestions, I will write a sequel.

Ecopond visualization in Lumion. Part 1 (18:37)

Continuation of the previous tutorial in the renderer, where we will first tweak the textures and start doing the landscaping.

Ecopond visualization in Lumion. Part 2 (17:45)

The final part of the lesson on modeling and visualizing a three-dimensional scene from pictures.

Проектирование сада на крыше коттеджа площадью 100 м². Визуализация в Lumion. Части 1-2  (25:01)

Начало нового полного проекта, но в обратном порядке:

Часть 1. Импорт сцены и настройка света.

Часть 2. Фильтры и настройка визуализации

Дальше рассмотрим озеленение, редактирование материалов и визуализацию в этой программе, а в последующих уроках смоделируем сцену в SketchUp и построим планы в программе CorelDraw.

Designing a garden on the roof of a 100 m² cottage. Visualization in Lumion. Part 3 (21:06)

In the third part of the tutorials for this project, we will look at the material library in Lumion, as well as replacing and improving textures in an imported scene.

Designing a garden on the roof of a 100 m² cottage. Visualization in Lumion. Part 4 (20:57)

Dendroplan import and plant placement. The last part of working with a project in Lumion. In the following lessons, we will consider 3D modeling of the scene. 

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